A story of passion so inspiring, so moving, that you’ll run home crying to your mother. What is it? It’s your next project.


We’re in the business of highlighting people and showing them off to the rest of the world.

Emerging artists, organizations reaching their community, and people planning for their big day all have a story to tell. We like to tell it. With the world as our canvas and cinema as our medium we’re here to create a picture so glorious it’ll make your crazy paw-paw feel again. Some will laugh, and some will cry. Heck, some might even get a little stirred up. Possibly provoked. There’s something to be said, and there’s no better way to say it than with a soundtrack, moody lighting, and a little slow-motion. Real life doesn’t even have that. I guess you could say we’re offering you something better than life.


What is a Dynes?
Dynes is a name that has been passed from generation to generation among the finest Irish bloodline, the McCullough clan. The original Dynes McCullough was an Irish tenor with a voice like an angel. He moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil as a missionary in the Amazon jungle where he would later have a son by the name of Robert Dynes McCullough. His son grew up, served in the Brazilian military chasing The Jackal, moved to the states where he had his own son, and is currently disguised as a financial advisor in Perry, GA. Robert Dynes McCullough Jr, founder and leader of the Dynes Media empire, upholds the family name – not as a lover, and not as fighter, but as a filmmaker and storyteller.

Do you guys travel?
Our passports are in hand and bags are packed! Obviously flight and hotel expenses vary, but if the production is within driving distance then it’s .55/mile roundtrip from Macon, GA.

Can you make me look skinnier in the video?
No. But with lighting, framing, the right lens choice, and a little post-production magic, we can make you look DANG good!

I want a video but I have no ideas for it. Can you guys help with that?
Uh, YES. Pre-production is one of our favorite parts! Sure, if you have an idea we’d love to make it come to life, but our minds are constantly dreaming up concepts and ideas. We’ve got the creative part covered so you don’t have to be.

What’s up with the #dynesmediaisajoke on social media?
A couple of our friends started it to pick at us, but it kind of just stuck around. Dynes Media didn’t start as a company. It was me just having fun with a camera. There’s no plaque or piece of paper with a frame on the wall that says I officially know what I’m doing. I’ve learned and made things up as we go. Of course, Dynes Media has evolved into a professional service, but our friends have seen the process. They’ve seen me play by my own rules. We always have way too much fun, and #dynesmediaisajoke when you can’t tell if we’re working or playing… which not even we can tell most of the time. Our friends have also seen us grow. There have been a lot of times when we got a new big client or had to go somewhere super cool and we’d tell our friends with excitement, but they’d say, “Yeah, Dynes Media is a joke, bro.” #dynesmediaisajoke when what we’re doing is unbelievable or too awesome.